It's almost that time of the year again...

2008 was Hennessy's year... a 4 handicapper at golf but more like 24 at the drinking. Left his mark on the Jubilee Course after copious amounts of Cointreau the night before... got well rested and took the overall with a 'fresh' 73 on the New Course in the final round. Somehow don't think the same plan will work in 2009.

Name Home Club Handicap*

*Handicaps may be slightly out but will be corrected before we play.

Tee Times

Day Course Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
1 Old 1        
1 Old 2        
1 Old 3        
1 Old 4        
2 Jubilee 1        
2 Jubilee 2        
2 Jubilee 3        
2 Jubilee 4        
3 New 1        
3 New 2        
3 New 3        
3 New 4        

Day three, players will go out in order of league position. Worst first so that all players contending for the overall championship play together in game 4. If more than one player is on the same score after day 2 then we’ll order alphabetically on surname


Name Home Club Handicap* Old Jubilee New Total